Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather:  [www.rca.org/smith-mather]  South Sudan

Shelvis and Nancy work with RECONCILE (the Resource Centre for Civil Leadership), an indigenous ecumenical Christian organization, which was established in March 2004 by a national church council.  It promotes peace-building by providing training in trauma recovery, conflict transformation, and civic education.  RECONCILE’s activities are in areas of high inter-ethnic conflict, with the churches often being the typical point of entry into these communities.  Shelvis and Nancy participate in RECONCILE’s training events that address inter-ethnic conflict.  Shelvis also serves as principal of the Peace Institute, which offers three-month courses in community-based trauma healing, peace studies, and conflict transformation.  Shelvis & Nancy have a son, Jordan (the first American born in the country of South Sudan), and two daughters, Adelyn and Nicole.

Chris & Christie Winkler:  [thosewinklers.wordpress.com]  Wycliffe Bible Translators

After 6 years in north-central Nigeria, working on the operations & support side of Bible translation efforts throughout West Africa, the Winklers returned to the United States in 2014 where Chris now serves as the Vice President of Advancement for Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Chris and Christie live in Orlando, Florida, and have three children: Judah, Jovelle, and Josiah.

Camp Manitoqua:  [www.manitoqua.org]

Camp Manitoqua is a youth camp and retreat center located in south suburban Frankfort, Illinois, which has served several generations of youth and families from Faith.